Google Photos is out. Flickr is back.

Google Photos

  • They still don’t allow any folder or sub-folder organization. They just want you to search for stuff. Yes, their search is very good and I use it frequently. Still, I assume most people want better album organization.
  • You can’t have a public profile with public albums. You can only share albums one by one, using links. There’s no community, and you can’t follow creators or be followed.



The Good

  • Unlimited storage for $60/year.
  • Iconic, well-known Flickr brand.
  • Best & largest community of photographers.
  • Auto-upload from iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS.
  • Ability to license photos under Creative Commons, largest collection of CC images.
  • It’s owned by SmugMug, and they’ve already made the service much better and more reliable.
  • Flickr won’t sell or use your data to train apocalyptic AI.

The Bad

  • You can’t sell photos.
  • The interface is inconsistent. Flickr has been around for a long time, and some old pages clash with clean, redesigned ones. For instance, only the first tab of the “Account settings” was redesigned; the other tabs weren’t.
  • Uploading and organizing albums is functional. But, it’s nowhere near SmugMug’s beautiful & efficient user experience.


  • I think “Collections” should be much more prominent. They deserve their own tab on people’s profiles, and are in dire need of a redesign.
  • Plans range from “Free”, with a limit of 1,000 photos, to $60/year with unlimited uploads. It would be great if there was an additional, cheaper plan with a storage limit. Maybe something like 1TB for $30/year? With that sort of offering, I think more people would join Flickr, and help the service thrive.
  • I’m not a fan of the iOS app. I think it should be redesigned entirely to be more intuitive and modern. (Please don’t add Stories, though)
  • Like Gumroad or SmugMug, it would be great if custom domains were supported. I’d love to edit the branding, while retaining the original Flickr profile. The profile could live and be accessible at the original URL to avoid dividing Flickr, and keep the community intact.
  • Let’s basically merge Flickr and SmugMug.
  • You can’t have a public profile or public albums.
  • You can’t create folders or collections of albums.
  • The interface isn’t great on desktop. The view is too narrow.
  • It often logs me out inexplicably, even while uploading photos.
  • You can only upload 5Gb of videos.
  • There are regional limitations, like the rest of Amazon.
  • It’s part of Prime. So if you ever cancel your Prime subscription for any reason, you’re screwed.
  • A Prime subscription includes many different things. This makes it difficult to understand what the intent of Amazon really is. Amazon Photos may be vulnerable to future price hikes or unfavorable changes.



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